How to Create Clear Skin from the Inside Out…

Update Your Approach to Skin Care and Discover the Secrets to Naturally Clear Skin!

Learn about underlying health problems that cause skin problems and what you can do to resolve them!


If you’re feeling frustrated with your recent or ongoing skin concerns, or would just like to learn how to maintain good health and clear skin then this book is for you.

Clear Skin from the Inside Out describes what creates skin concerns and symptoms such as acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis and helps you understand how resolve the problem from the inside out.

This is up-to-date expert guidance written in a simple, and easy to understand book.

It just makes sense!

You CAN learn how to love the skin you are in from the inside out. For a healthy glow, inside and out.




"Skin concerns such as cellulite, tinea, acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis are signs and symptoms of other internal factors and underlying health concerns. Treating our skin from the inside out is often the most direct way to achieve long lasting results. "


Venus Bergner
Natural Medicine Consultant
Vic, Australia


Hi, Venus Bergner here.

Welcome to Clear Skin from the Inside Out.

Skin conditions are uncomfortable and embarrassing and can severely diminish self esteem so people want results and want them fast!

There is so much conflicting and confusing information about how to treat skin concerns. Yet it seems that the underlying cause of the problem has often been overlooked or misunderstood.

In clinical practice I see patients who are frustrated and fed up from trialling many skin medications, supplements and topical treatments. They are not happy with their results despite doing what they think is the right thing in relation to skin care.

There is more to our Skin Than Meets the Eye…

Beauty is more than what we see on the outside.

Our skin is more than just an external appearance it is also a representation of our internal health, therefore treating the external appearance alone can have limited success in the long term.

Our modern lifestyle is accompanied with increased exposure to toxins that our body has to deal with:

… No wonder this is a recipe for increased health risks and skin symptoms!

  • a diet higher in refined, take away and packaged foods,
  • increased exposure to chemicals and pollutants,
  • more frequent anti-biotic and oral contraceptive pill use,
  • lower levels of nutrients in whole foods and their soils,
  • longer working hours,
  • more sedentary jobs,
  • and higher stress levels


Finding the Underlying Cause of Your Skin Symptoms

Our diet, hormones, immune system, digestive function and the elimination of bodily wastes are closely connected with our skin health.

Bacterial, viral and fungal infections within our bodies can create symptoms such as cold sores, acne, acne rosacea, tinea, athletes foot, eczema, psoriasis.

The current statistics are that 1 in 4 children have eczema. Research has shown the role of common dietary allergens in eczema and psoriasis. In a study of children with eczema which developed before 3 months of age, 64% were shown to have sensitivity to egg, cow’s milk and/or peanut.

Psoriasis has been tightly linked with gluten sensitivity, with research showing an 82% improvement in patients who removed gluten from their diet for 3 months.

Acne rosacea can be triggered by dietary factors such as hot and spicy foods.

Recent research has linked a high glycaemic load diet with acne.

80% of the world’s population has the Herpes simplex virus which causes cold sore breakouts. Once infected the virus remains latent in the nerve ganglia. Dietary and lifestyle factors such as stress, poor immune function and excessive consumption of refined dietary carbohydrates have been shown to reactivate the virus.


What Is The Key To Clear Skin?

Topical treatments, hormone replacements, antibiotic therapy and anti-inflammatory medications may only apply a short term solution, unless they are specifically addressing the internal drivers. They may not necessarily resolve the underlying problem in the long term.

Improving our body’s primary detoxification channels and immune function can help to resolve the symptoms and improve health for the long-term.

Investigating and addressing the internal drivers may reduce the risk of conditions such as such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis,  tinea, athletes foot, cold sores and herpes simplex, and more…


Discover the Gaps in Your Skin Care

Clear Skin is an empowering and educational guide developed by qualified Health Professionals who understand the complex scenarios that can affect skin health.

Clear Skin from the Inside Out has been written to fill in the gaps and provide insight, answers and understanding as to how our internal detoxification channels work and how these can affect our skin if they are not working properly.

This e-book holds the information and education to show us the way back to true health. By helping us to counteract the excess stresses and overload of our modern lifestyle, and returning our diet, digestive system and detoxification channels back to an optimal state.


Clear Skin From The Inside Out!

Learn how to Create Clearer Skin and a Healthy Glow

The best news is that it is easy once you know where to look. Start to investigate and address the specific cause of your skin symptoms to treat the underlying cause. You will gain valuable knowledge of your body’s natural processes to maintain a healthy skin.

Achieve long term skin solutions, and simultaneously improve your health.

Change your focus to the underlying internal causes and stop expensive and frustrating short term attempts by getting educated and empowered with the most effective way to create clear skin naturally.



Topical treatments verses internal treatments

News Flash! You can go to a lot of effort and expense using topical and cosmetic treatments to reduce your skin symptoms but they will be more effective once you have resolved the problem from within!

The exciting news is that you can learn how to work with your body’s natural detoxification channels to make sure that your skin care attempts are effective and efficient.

Many people have already been discovering the secrets of clear skin. They have resolved the issue from the inside out, and have the knowledge and freedom to eat, act and behave in a way that is supporting their body to eliminate toxins effectively and maintain a healthy glow.

Free Yourself from the Break Out Cycle
and Regain Your Confidence

They also have more energy and feel healthier than ever before. The results are noticed and admired by everyone around them. People are gravitating toward them and want to know the secret to their success.

This is the most scientifically advanced skin care strategy available, and the results can be tested and measured.

It is nutritionally balanced so as to provide perfect skin composition for you.

Have You Been Searching For a Solution to your Skin Concerns?

For the past four years I have worked with hundreds of people to demystify some of the most commonly outdated skin care beliefs.

People always say to me that if the acne breakouts were in other part of the body other than the face, that they could live with it. Or that there eczema is fine as long as they keep using topical treatments but as soon as they stop it comes back.

  • Do you feel that you have been desperately chasing for a cure, trying countless and continual topical applications to your skin to 'manage the condition'?
  • Do you feel so embarrassed by your skin condition it affects your social life and intimacy?
  • Do you feel that you punish yourself and your skin for its condition?
  • Have you spent a fortune on skin care products and treatment programs with limited success and tired of struggling with your skin but cannot seem to reach your desired goal?

There is so much confusing information; it’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused. Over the years we have been mislead by popular fads and products. One of the biggest mistakes we have made in the past is that we have focused on suppressing the symptoms rather investigating and addressing the cause. There is a huge difference!

The good news is that things have changed, and there are more scientifically proven methods for effective and sustainable clear skin!

Are You Listening to Your Body?

Clear skin is not necessarily the result of which foods you eat, what supplements you take and which products you use. Are trying all of this and feel totally despaired that your best efforts are still not working? Then chances are there is something else going on.

In truth, skin symptoms are you body’s way of communicating to you and signally that there something is not quite right internally. By ignoring this message, the situation can be getting worse over time and affecting more than just your skin.

When we don’t understand why or what is causing our skin concerns, the symptoms are more likely to return. False hope can set us up for unrealistic expectations and failure, which can degrade our motivation and self esteem.

Focusing only on the external factors is not complete skin care…

Have you ever had the experience where your symptoms have cleared up in the short term from a cream, topical treatment, or medication – and you initially assumed that the situation had resolved, right? However over time, the symptoms returned or appeared somewhere else on your body…?

The reason is that the symptoms were not resolved from the inside out. In fact in some cases I see, the treatment has made the condition worse!

A common mistake made is that we misunderstand what are our body is trying to tell us. By focusing only on our external symptoms, without considering why the symptoms are there and where they originated from in the first place.


This may just be the missing link for the solution you have been searching for…

Clear Your Skin From The Inside Out.

Professional guidance to help you demystify the most common causes of embarrassing and uncomfortable skin concerns.


Clear Your Skin from the Inside to Look Good and Feel Great

As featured in the July/August 2012 Edition of


Why Look on the Inside?

Everyone wants to have healthy skin to look good and feel good. Health and happiness go hand in hand. Treating your skin from the inside out can simultaneously improve your energy levels, digestive function, immune health, hormone balance and blood sugar levels.

Clear skin from the inside out:

  • To look good and feel better
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Improve digestive symptoms
  • Reduce bloating and reflux
  • Boost your immune system
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Balance hormones
  • Reduce food allergies and sensitivities
  • Promote healthy ageing

"I was noticing that my two year old son had eczema on the back of his knees, which would come and go. Sometimes it would get itchy and he would scratch it.

After some naturopathic advice from Venus which included some small dietary changes and natural medicines his eczema has cleared up completely which is great!"

Jo, Sydney, Australia

Clear Skin – From the Inside Out provides access to expert advice to help give you the insights to create clearer skin and boost your confidence today

"I have had chronic eczema for many years. It was painful, itchy and dry. Sometimes it got so bad that the skin would crack and bleed. Moisturising creams did not help to take away the dryness and cortisone cream would only relieve the symptoms temporarily. I had tried alternative therapies and detoxification programs in the past which would help temporarily but the symptoms would always return.

After doing some tests and taking some natural medicines with Venus we discovered that there was more than one issue going on which was contributing to my skin and digestive symptoms. After starting treatment I have had huge changes to my energy levels, skin and digestion. Thank you so much Venus! I know understand what was causing the problem and how to help maintain my overall health in the future."

Aileen, Melbourne, Victoria


Clear Skin From The Inside Out!

Order now for only $15

All the information you need…

Clear Skin from the Inside Out explains the most common causes of skin concerns such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, cellulite and fungal infections and gives step-by-step natural solutions and medically proven methods to target clearer skin.

The information in this book gives you everything you need to understand how and why clear skin starts from the inside out.

For many people a Clear Skin Program has been the first complete step towards being completely comfortable in their own skin.

Learn to love the skin you are in

Here’s a quick preview of what Clear Skin – from the Inside Out can do for you:

  • Learn how to create clear skin naturally and keep it clear
  • Improve comfort and confidence to love the skin your are in
  • Freedom from embarrassing skin conditions
  • No longer need to conceal and cover up your skin
  • Know exactly where to look to treat the underlying cause of your skin condition
  • Locate the key situations and events that can put you at future risk and discover simple solutions for how to manage them for your long term success
  • Discover the relationship between your skin and your internal detoxification channels
  • Learn about the role that nutrition plays within our skin health, and how it can change for each individual and skin condition
  • Answers the questions as to why certain popular skin treatments only work for a short period of time, and why others may not work at all
  • Read individual clinical case studies and success stories
  • Discover the essential formula for sustaining healthy skin, and a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Learn how to stop the break out cycle
  • Additional health benefits such as relieving digestive discomfort and poor immunity
  • Increases your energy and promotes healthy ageing
  • Discover simple detoxification formulas that maintain clear skin and improve digestion
  • Little known, scientifically proven nutritional formulas to create clear skin naturally and sustain it
  • Have fun doing it

Isn’t it time you discovered the secrets to create clearer skin?

Learn how to get your glow back


Imagine being the radiant and confident person you have always wanted to be next time you go to the beach! You feel more comfortable to go out without make up, or wear bathers because you respect your skin and "own it" with your confidence, vitality and inner peace.



Maintain good health and great skin

Imagine you know exactly how to find the underlying reason behind your skin condition so you can live each day for maximum enjoyment and skin maintenance that finally works. You know how to begin to look for the solutions that you need to maintain good health and a great skin. Imagine knowing how to make the treatment choices so you can finally achieve clearer skin to really make the most of enjoying the company you are in, and feel at ease with everyone you meet.



"Venus, thank you for your help this year with my acne. I have stopped taking the long term prescription of anti-biotics for my skin since starting your treatment. Things are going well – making small lifestyle changes as time goes by all of which are improving my skin."

Paul, Melbourne

"I have had bloating and acne for at least 5 years. Over the years I have tried anti-biotics, proactive, and the contraceptive pill to treat my acne in the past, and none has been successful. My treatment results on the Clear Skin program have made a huge improvement in my skin in only six weeks! Not only has my skin improved but my terrible bloating has also improved. I recommend this program to others!"

Dana, Melbourne, Victoria

Get the knowledge of how your body works from the inside, and learn how to eat correctly to look after your health.

Imagine knowing the secrets of how your skin and body work naturally! You look good, you feel confident, you eat well and you impress yourself with how easy it is to maintain and sustain for longer lasting results. Or you may have your own family and need to make sure you teach your children how to eat the correct nutritional balance for their future health! Looking after your family’s and your own health needs is crucial for a better quality of life and a happier future – particularly in the current fast paced modern lifestyle. You need the vital edge!

Learn how to maintain a better quality of life and happier future.

Imagine having the opposite sex gravitate towards you because they find you attractive and irresistible! You look appealing, you flirt with confidence, because you are comfortable within your own skin.

Achieve your desired goals of healthy skin


Get familiar with your natural detoxification metabolism and have freedom of choice

Imagine being more confident and being able to wear exactly what you want to wear and feeling like a stunner at every type of event! No more hiding in the back of the crowd because you are too embarrassed to show your face. Your wardrobe will be filled with flattering clothes to show off your glowing skin.

Imagine being totally self confident. No more self doubts, no more self criticism. No more thinking you're not good enough, dedicated enough or strong enough. You are familiar with how your internal state influences your skin, so you can work with it, not against it. You can finally have your freedom back, and an inner peace.


You can be liberated from endless struggle and countless attempts to successfully achieve a healthy skin balance.

Liberate yourself from endless struggle and be at peace

"Thank you Venus! Thanks for the knowledge, wisdom, support, understanding and friendliness during my clear skin treatment program. My persistent adult acne has now cleared on my face and my digestive system is happy and balanced once more."

Jess, Melbourne, Australia

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"My eight year old daughter has had chronic eczema on her body for many years. It
was painful, itchy and dry. Sometimes it got so bad that it would ooze pus.
Moisturising creams did not help to take away the dryness and cortisone cream would
only relieve the symptoms temporarily.

In only two weeks after doing some tests and taking some natural medicines with
Venus my daughter’s skin cleared up completely. We have some special diet
guidelines to follow to keep it clear, and I know understand what was causing the
problem and how to help my daughter.”

Amanda, Melbourne, Victoria

"Amazing!… Have not had an outbreak (cold sore) since starting treatment, so that’s great and thank you very much."

Glenn, Victoria


"I am totally impressed! I had acne and eczema on my face at the same time for years, and now both have cleared up within a few months. I have learnt so many little gems about health and nutrition that is now helping in other areas of my life also."

Stacey, Pakenham, Victoria


"Finally something that makes sense as to why I haven’t been able to stop my skin breaking out despite every effort and face product under the sun! This is also something I can understand and apply practically in my life to maintain my skin. I feel and look healthier now and want to stay this way."

Sonny, Melbourne, Victoria

Order now for only $15

"I have spent a fortune on creams and cleansers but nothing cleared up my skin permanently. I have tried going on the oral contraceptive pill, anti-biotic therapy, and acne medication and cosmetic procedures. Nothing had helped my acne resolve in the long term. To make matters even more uncomfortable and embarrassing I got frequent cold sore break outs as well. Since changing my focus to identifying and treating the internal causes of my skin condition my cold sores have stopped and my acne cleared up. It is such a relief! I am so happy to be able to have ended my search and daily embarrassment and discomfort. Now I feel more confident, and healthier than I have in a very long time. Thank you Venus!"

Sam, Melbourne, Victoria

"After seeing Venus and found out that I had an infection that had not been tested by my GP or dermatologist that was causing my acne rosacea, I was so relieved to realise that I was not crazy and that there was a reason why my skin was reacting this way! "

Frankie, Box Hill, Victoria


"I had spent so much money and effort trying treatments and seeing specialists without getting great results. My skin condition was really embarrassing for me, and was affecting my self confidence greatly. I could not go a day without wearing heavy make-up and cover up on my face. I was sceptical at first, because I had tried so many things before. This information was the answers that I needed, and just made so much sense. It is such a relief to finally have found the reasons why my skin had problems, and to now enjoy the freedom of having clear skin again. I really value your advice and wealth of knowledge Venus. Thank you!"

Annie, Richmond, Victoria


Clear Skin Secrets – From the Inside Out

If you're feeling frustrated with your skin, and would just like to learn how to maintain and sustain clearer skin then this book is for you.

Clear Skin Secrets – From the Inside Out describes how skin conditions are caused from internal toxicity and inflammation, to help you understand how to identify and eliminate the individual causes and treat them to improve the function of your own natural detoxification systems.

It is up-to-date expert guidance written in a simple, and easy to understand manual to get you headed in the right direction towards being more comfortable in your own skin.

Order now for only $15

Personalised skin treatment plans to transform your life

Plus you’ll also receive these special bonuses…

  • Step-by-step guide to challenge and eliminate foods to identify potential food sensitivities that may be affecting your general digestive health and skin.
  • Dozens of practical tips and instructions – such as how to identify other symptoms that you may have, the foods that may be associated with the symptoms and how to pin point the foods causing it.
  • Plan your clear skin program with clearly defined diet and lifestyle objectives to stay motivated and on track.
  • Make sure you are getting all of your essential daily nutrients and the foods you can find them in.

What you get:



Bonus 1 – Your Food Sensitivity Profile!

Natural health practitioners are recognising the link between skin patients and food sensitivities. Try this dietary elimination and rechallenge system to look for food sensitivities and digestive problems that may be preventing you from resolving your skin concerns and find the strategy that may work best for you.



Bonus 2 –Daily Essential Nutrients Guide!

Make sure your diet is balanced with the nutrients that are essential to good skin health. Make it easy to stay organised and on track with shopping lists of food to include and foods to avoid with daily and weekly menu plans. Add variety and exciting new ideas with quick, healthy recipe ideas for clear skin.




Bonus 3 – Clear Skin Diet Tips

Shifting your focus from the external to the internal is the key to successful clear skin long term. Learn how to avoid certain foods that may exacerbate a fungal infection. An important part of resolving a chronic fungal or yeast infection, and an important key to effective treatment management. Save precious time and effort with these essential diet guidelines of what to avoid and what to include when treating a fungal skin condition.

Order now for only $15

Skin Care to bring back your natural glow

Everyone should have access to all this valuable information so the price has been kept incredibly low.

What You Get

Your Cost

Clear Skin Secrets – From the Inside Out: Guide for Healthier Skin from Within


Bonus #1: Your Food Sensitivity Profile!


Bonus #2: Daily Essential Nutrients Guide!


Bonus #3: Clear Skin Diet Tips!


Special E-book Price


Order now for only $15

Clear Skin Secrets – From the Inside Out is educational and informative, easy and enjoyable book – based on scientifically proven methods and years of clinical experience – and dedicated to your success!

The key word here is "action".

It is up to you to take the next step to reach your goals!

Best wishes for your health and happiness,

P.S. Clear Skin Secrets – From the Inside Out is dedicated to your success with life changing insights and easy active steps to efficient and effective skin treatments.

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P.P.P.S. Just to remind you: 'Clear Skin Secrets – From the Inside Out' is backed by our no risk 100% GUARANTEE so that you can be clear and confident that you are taking a step in the right direction.

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